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  • Drinking too much alcohol puts you at risk of a stroke
  • Alcohol raises your blood pressure
  • 25% of men drink too much
  • 16% of women drink too much
  • Excessive alcohol is bad for your health

Recommended Amounts

1 unit of alcohol is equal to:

      • ½ pint of beer or cider
      • a small glass of wine
      • pub measure of spirit
      • pub glass of sherry or port

Diagram of Alcohol and there units.

No more than 3 units of alcohol a day for men

No more than 2 units of alcohol a day for women


Tips for reducing the alcohol you drink


  • Take a smaller drink e.g. a glass instead of a pint
  • Put your glass down between sips
  • Go out later – so you drink later
  • Have a non-alcoholic drink between every alcoholic one
  • Choose drinks with less alcohol in them
  • Eat before you drink
  • Have a few days each week when you have NO alcohol

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