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If you have aphasia this website is for You


What is Aphasia?

Here is an example of Aphasia

What is aphasia (a-fay-zee-a)?

What is aphasia (a-fay-zee-a)?

  • Aphasia affects your ability to communicate
  • This means you know what you want to say
  • It’s hard to get the messages in and out of your brain
  • Aphasia makes conversation difficult
  • If you have aphasia you might have some or all of the following:
      • Talking is difficult
      • Understanding what people are saying is hard
      • Talking with a group of people is NOT EASY
      • You might get distracted easily
      • Reading is a problem
      • Writing words even spelling your own name is difficult
      • You might mix up your words
      • You might mix up your numbers
  • Aphasia is different for everyone
  • If you have aphasia you can still do many things
      • You know what you want to say
      • You can make your own decisions
      • You can get your message across in other ways e.g. body language, facial expression, gesture

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